The father sat nervously outside the operating theatre. The word fidget would not do justice to the anxious shivering his body had resorted to, to dispense of some nervous energy.

This was one show he would gladly see a spoiler, but there were no pirated copies out there, only remakes after remakes each with their quirks. Some romantic comedies, some tragedies and still others romantic comedies with a tragic ending. This promised to be unique, a once in a lifetime experience.


‘Room’ would be too grandiose a term to describe the 8ft by 3ft waiting area where he was seated. In the corner was a shoe rack, where the doctors deposited their shoes before they entered the OT. It was on this that the father sat wishing that he was some sort of sterilized foot wear that could gain entry into the OT to see his destiny unfold.


Inside the OT the father’s wife was being operated to liberate their first child.


The closeness of the walls lended them a familiarity and the father bounced his thoughts off them, hoping for some reassurance. But walls only have ears and so there were no suggestions or assurance, just the huge listening of a black hole, absorbing everything without a twitch of acknowledgement or emotion.


“if its a boy, will i be able to stop him from creating a nuisance ? or will he be a torment to me even after retirement?” he thought.
“If its a girl will she look after herself ? or will i spend my life looking over her shoulder?”
“Whatever happens I will have to look after them and guide them” he realized. “Do I know what I am doing here ? Can I guide someone that well ?”
“The penalty for screwing up is very high.”

” I am not ready” he realized. “Need to tell the doctor, stop! I am not ready”
The clear cry of a newborn halted his thoughts. Within moments the door of the OT opened and the doctor, still dressed in operation robes, held the wailing baby in her arms.
The father stepped forward and touched the baby. The bundle of joy had arrived albeit born weeping. The universe had declared him father, there was nothing more to do than be just that. Looking at the angelic face of the baby he felt love surge in his heart, and he realized “you know it could be fun”.