Despicable Me 3D!!!!! (2010 )

5/5 and some more ! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ 3d

All those people who watched this without 3D really lucked out! I loveD it, I loveD it, I loveD it!

It was simply fantabulous. And the 3D is real 3D. Its not that wishy washy stuff that has been passed around as 3d (Avatar yuck!, that was camera blur compared to this).

What Illumination Entertainment has done is push 3D in cinemas further than any production in recent past, (and they boast a bit about it during the credits). If you are going to see this movie, make sure the screen is HUGE and you get a seat smack bang in the middle (Which I did, thanks to the cinema buffs of Bangalore!). Things will be thrown at you, you will be tossed around and you will feel your stomach move with the 3D!

But that is just in the background. The story is so adorable, the characters are SOOO cute and the storyline very engaging ! 2hrs will just fly away and you wont move until the credits finally run to a close, apart from giggles and guffaws at regular intervals!
Again! loveD it, loveD it, loveD it!

I am not going to say anything about the story so as to not spoil it for anyone!

Despicable Me


Happy Nothing!

creativity at its most jobless :-D

One of the greatest dangers of globalization is jokes such as this!

matrimony dichotomy

Bharatmatrimony has an AD that quotes a woman saying "Men, whose profiles don't have photos are dishonest!"

The Dichotomy of the sexes as BharatMatrimony will have us believe

I got this idea when I read an ad on Bharat matrimony which quotes a woman saying:
“Men, whose profiles don’t have photos, are dishonest”

Triple – Ken Follett

1/5 – Β its just another Sydney Sheldon grade novel meant to be read and discarded on the train.

The intrigue began even before I opened the book. Snooping around an airport book shop at midnight, my friend recommended this book to me. Taking him on good faith, I bought it only to find out that in-fact it was a book he had heard about and wanted to read. As retaliation I refused to lend him the book. Maybe I should have let him take it and suffer.


Its a Sydney Sheldon grade spy thriller filled with cliches and raunchy scenes. Some raunchy scenes are just bizarre. Here are a few of the cliched dialogues

“Oh shit Nathaniel I think I love you”

“what are you? Captain America”

In a love letter “There are so many things I want to do to you. No not ‘to’ but ‘with’. Ok maybe both. I think I should change the subject because my hands are getting fidgety just thinking of it, I mean you”

Rhymes of the ancient primary schooler – Ticket No.1…..

A friend of mine (whose name will remain hidden) recently had a baby! I was chatting to him the other day and he was mentioning this rhyme which he couldn’t remember correctly. As luck would have it, somewhere in the shadows of my mind, I did.

Now the stupid thing wont leave me alone. So after circling the laptop around my head 3 times in clockwise direction and 3 times in anticlockwise direction I am going to write this down once and hopefully the haunting memories will stop.

It might surprise you that the girls used to play this in primary school! They do that hand slapping thing in time with this, increasing the tempo slowly. One of the boys mentioned aloud one day that its such an easy game! We were duly challenged to play… but ofcourse its important to sing along while you play, so they taught us the song.

I think that is the first and last time I have seen so many boys go red all at the same time.


And they say little girls are epitomes of innocence!.

Its a bit vulgar so appropriate spaces and dots have been used to avoid corrupting the uncorrupted πŸ™‚ .

(The background is a young girl telling her friends how her young man told her how to make babies)

Here goes….

Sung to the tune of

“Ticket No.1 and the story’s just begun,
(singing ooh what daddy did to mummy to make me)
Ticket No.2 and I am telling it to you,
(singing ooh what daddy did to mummy to make me)
Ticket No.3 and hes got me Β on his knee,
(singing ooh what daddy did to mummy to make me)
Ticket No.4 and hes got me on the floor,
(singing ooh what daddy did to mummy to make me)
Ticket No.5 and my …. are open ….,
(singing ooh what daddy did to mummy to make me)
Ticket No.6 and hes ……. down my …,
(singing ooh what daddy did to mummy to make me)
Ticket No.7 and hes ……. me .. heaven,
(singing ooh what daddy did to mummy to make me)
Ticket No.8 and the doctors at the gate,
(singing ooh what daddy did to mummy to make me)
Ticket No.9 and the twins are doing fine,
(singing ooh what daddy did to mummy to make me)
Ticket No.10 and we’re doing it again,
(singing ooh what daddy did to mummy to make me)”
<it seems the child is indeed the father of the man πŸ˜€ >


When I was in college I used to fool around with these a lot.
There is a hidden 3D picture in this gif. Click on it to see it move!

If you want more
If you cant see any thing you can try this
1. just relax while looking at the photo
2. The picture should blur and split into 2 overlapping images, now move these images a bit in an out and you should suddenly see the image.
1. Begin by crossing your eyes, (put your finger an inch in front of your nose, focus on it)
2. The picture in the background should look like 2 overlapping images, now slowly bring your eyes into focus (VERY slowly, almost subconsciously).

<its a clock>