It eats me….

I like things ordered. Placed neatly in the place they should be.

I bought a rubiks cube. It looked so nice, with its ordered colors and straight lines. It appealed to my ordered mind.

Little did I know that this thing would cause me such distress in the future.

One day while perusing my ordered existence, I was hit by an unordered goulash from hell….

The cube, once so organized and erect, now lay in disarray, twisted from its cubic structure. Mangled like metal rods subjected to shear forces.
Oh and the colors, once organized as armies are on parade, their identical helmets shining vertically into the heavens, now mixed in a random fashion as if a war had ensued amongst the clans. Colors clashed with other colors in random form, no formation, no strategy, just a group of pillaging soldiers, desperate without hope.

I grabbed the cube, nursed it back to shape, but alas the colors stayed un-ordered. The more I tried to collect the rampant soldiers of the clans, the more they spread, until each side had not more than 2 squares of the same hue.

Resolute, I began learning the solution to bring order from chaos. All the while the cube sat unordered, unorganized, a blemish on the white canvas of my life. The study was long and stressful, compounded by the revulsion I felt when my eyes fell again on the cube, its faces still a random mixture. Finally, having perfected the formulas that are the secret of the cube, I solved it. Once again the cube was ordered again, the armies were back in parade. It was then that I could finally sleep.

The story does not end there unfortunately. There are others in this world. They do not care for order. Chief amongst them is a young toddler by name Pranaya. Born, or so it seems, from the very source of chaos, she searches for any symbol of order and attacks it, until all around there is only chaos.

So many times, I come across the cube to see it once again in disarray. I am forced yet again to solve it, dropping whatever I am doing. Then again, a few days later it is again unordered and I am pulled inexorably once again to solve it. And so it is, as if the Cube is a black hole, sucking my life and time over and over again, with no escape. It eats me….


The Flow

Being one with the river of life. Embracing its turns and twists while advancing inexorably towards your goal. Being present completely to the water’s every wave and dealing with turbulence right here and now. Remembering that however much you know the waters, the river tomorrow is a different beast. Keeping an eye on your fellow travellers and tending to their wellbeing and the conversations they harbor. Wary of the power of doubts and concern, keeping a tab on ones own integrity and wholeness. A life like this needs integrity of the highest order and a goal equally deserving.
Actually all that is needed is a Goal deserving enough, All else follows.