Hmmm… I looked at the last post date and its been one month without a post! Was it really that long ago that I saw “Despicable me”? I still laugh at the jokes when they surface from my subconscious.

Coincidentally its not the last movie I saw. I remember “expendables” with Sid which was so-so, should have been better given the cast. But again most of the cast were guest star roles, with a couple of lines. The sad truth is the best acting in that movie goes to Bruce Willis (4 lines maybe?).

Couple of things happened in between in Real life, work, friends married, work, Naval Public School reunion and more work. Its been a lot of work, but nothing working 🙂

I guess life mimics the universe, goes out of control and then is inexorably brought back into control, only to explode again.

I think I am on the path back into control, but don’t know if its time to explode. Hell, it always seems like time to explode! 😀

Finished “English, August” the book… amazing… never laughed so much in my life. Mom actually complained of my bedtime reading-laughter! It Reminded me a lot of my last year at Cisco. Damn, the similarity is amazing. I guess corporate politics is just Indian bureaucracy, inflated to 2010.

Saw “Wall Street, money never sleeps”, I was desperate, sick the whole day, had to see something. Turned out to be crap. No depth in any of the characters, everyone(the characters) acting whimsically, the acting and emotions don’t cover up the whimsicalness. Its a movie generated from one idea, “the financial system is crazy and we are all dweebs ploughing our money in”. Tell me something I dont know! Shia LaBeouf in his stereotypical role of the naive do-gooder, with a bent for money. Badly cast if you ask me. Hes supposed to be a bloody investment banker… they need to be oozing the schmooze, not blink innocently like babies. Michael Douglas is good as always, but the script doesn’t pack enough punch to make his role memorable.

By the way… what happened on september 21st? I have a big spike of activity on the blog that day, even though I was away for a month by then. I am guessing its the result of the reunion.