What feels like work but isn’t…

I found another danger in the workplace. I suspect Its a quirk of my incentive recognition system, somewhere in my brain.  So it probably doesn’t apply to everyone.


I know, its old news. 

BUT, the small quirk as I said lies in my head somewhere.

Meetings are a must sometimes and the ones I am talking about are the “needed” kind. The issue is that after a couple of meetings or an especially vocal one, I mean the ones where I have something to say AND I say it, I feel like I have done a lot of work. The issue with that is I feel I have done enough for the day, and spend the rest of the day doing brainless or enjoyable work that wallows in the nether regions of my todo list.

I cant exactly put my finger on the feeling, but it lies between adulation and a standing ovation. It feels like my existence has been validated, My reason for being (in the company) vindicated beyond doubt for the day, “if that is the case then why work?” the conversation goes.

Right now, I am just watching this. I dont know what to actually do about it, but I know its affecting my productivity. Suggestions anyone?.