Itching to write

For the last 2 days I have been itching to write something. I dont know why and worse I dont know what to write about! So this post is going to be a ramble, hopefully by the end of it there will be some point to it all 🙂
Well its been quite a couple of weeks! 
(although I dont have anything to write about)

The Dark Knight Rises was awesome. It appealed to my Righteous side. I am not generally a very Righteous person as I am easily lured to the Dark Side (of ends justify means), but I adore and admire Virtuous content. Anything that portrays good Vs Evil is always fascinating to me.

I was absolutely smitten by the character of Bane (though I have heard this is not how he is in the comics). I could really connect to his stand. His unshaking commitment to Talia Al Ghul is pronounced throughout the movie (atleast after his allegiance is revealed). If you strip away his misplaced loyalty, Bane is a person who can create whatever he puts his mind to, simply because there are NO considerations for him.

The amazing story and screenplay lends a reality to Bane that I could connect to. For me it led me further into the enquiry of “What it takes to create the reality you want”. I could connect to the gap between where I am and what the answer would look like.

In other news, Pranaya (my 4 month old daughter) has taken to night-time singing. The Concert begins by about midnight and goes on till 3Am. I am not too sure of the Genre, except that its various vowel sounds. She also responds to requests and suggestions made in vowel sounds. She also tends to get very upset if you dont pay attention to her for some time.

I am looking around for a place to start boxing. I have found that the best way to combat sleepiness/drowsiness is with a shot of adrenaline. Anger and frustration are good places to find these. I took to screaming aloud while driving, but that tends to give me a headache. So I think I want to start boxing or some other contact sport to generate the adrenaline.

okay enough writing! the itch is gone…. I am free!!!