Salt (2010)

Rating 3/5 a good watch.

If you are looking for a movie to get your blood racing, this will definitely find its place in your list. The overall storyline is not really fair to the viewer and is a bit like the murder mysteries of old, where the key piece of evidence is kept away from the reader, until the very end. What keeps it from my list of top10 thrillers is the fact that there are no scenes where doubt is planted ,meant to be missed by the viewer. To explain, consider Night Shyamalan’s “sixth sense” where throughout the movie, nobody (except the boy) actually talks to the hero or even confirms his presence, the truth is in plain sight but no-one catches it. In this movie the actors act as if the present storyline (the false red herring) is indeed the truth, with no slips or any clues left behind. The action sequences are nicely done, and the music is superb. No oscars for the acting here though, atleast not from me.