ITR-1 (every salaried Indian must-read)

Rating 5/5

So its the end of July, tax time again. No time to do anything other than work (and a few movies). This period is especially a pain for me as I have to file 3 tax returns, my parent’s as well as mine. Also I actually need to pay tax for dad before filing.

So there I was hoping, nay praying, for the last date to get extended, which it has for every year I have filed so far, which should be proof enough about the benefits of (beseechful) prayer to all you non-believers (let that be another blog post)!

Finally with one week to go, I went hunting for a tax consultant, who regularly extracts about 150 bucks per filing, to file my families taxes. It is only through providence and equally lazy colleagues that I stumbled across

The one stop shop for all your filing needs. Everything on one website, get your pan details, pay taxes, submit your returns.

The only thing I had issues with is that they dont have a tie-up with HSBC, so you need an account with an Indian bank to pay online, luckily I had an unused bank account with HDFC.

Anyway at the end of it all, I can say I am quite happy with the experience and I have also managed to save 300Rs! (I had to pay the tax consultant to calculate Dads tax), guess that calls for one more movie!